Cookies and science!  What could be better? Periodic Table, Gel Electrophoresis, and Atom cookies.  Check out this website for more science cookies and science baking by a biological anthropologist turned stay at home mom. 

Omg. I need to do this.

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Physics midterm pushed back to the original date.

There’s going to be a seminar that he wants us to go to that discusses CERN’s report about neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light.

Win/win situation.

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Nerdy shit I say in real life:

[After putting ice in my drink] Dammit, drink! Reach thermal equilibrium already!

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Man, I have shitty luck sometimes.

Tomorrow’s quiz covers Particle in a Box and Quantum Oscillator (stuff that I don’t immediately understand) and not Expectation Values (stuff I DO understand).

This sucks.


I got into my physics class! The best part is that I realized that this class covers special relativity and quantum mechanics! I’m hella excited about this! :D

(Why, yes. I do embrace my nerdiness.)

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