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Ugh resume editing

I really need to stop dreaming about death.

My sister swapped out the light bulbs on my lamp to daylight white bulbs and it’s tripping me up because it seriously does look like daylight, but it’s 9:30pm.

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Bang bang. 🔫 Shooting zombies with @erameline (at Target Masters West)

Bang bang. 🔫 Shooting zombies with @erameline (at Target Masters West)

DMV is the spawn of Satan. 

Dear Self,

You woke up this morning. You found the strength and energy to do some things. Things that made you smile. Things that you were scared to do. Things that you put off.

Good job, and I’m proud of you.



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My sisters and I were discussing the state of my room

  • Sister 1: We need to clean your desk, too.
  • Sister 2: I have a thing for all your mail that you can use.
  • Nephew: Why do you have so many envelopes?
  • Me: Because I'm an adult and I have bills to pay.

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Sometimes I think it’s working.

Sometimes I don’t think it is, and I doubt whether anything will help.

Still, it’s an improvement, I guess.

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So my sisters and I got my mom an iPad for Mother’s Day. I gave her my Netflix account and she managed to find their collection of Korean dramas. My dad’s complaining that she’s been watching them all day.

She just walked into my room and told me she just finished a 20 episode series. She started it yesterday morning.